03 June 2011

Kile Ozier

Kile Ozier
Itinerant Creative Executive/Immersive Experience
Chair, SATE '11 Orlando Conference Committee

Kile Ozier has a solid reputation across a spectrum of industries wherein effective storytelling
is a key component of the Spectacle or Experience.

A darn fine Writer, an experienced and effective Producer and a nimble and empathetic Director; he has developed unique methodologies for creating experience such that audiences are
thrilled to their feet and thunderous applause or touched and moved to uncontrollable weeping by his work.

Since his first production, taking his girlfriend to a remote field with a perfectly-placed bale of hay positioned for the best view of the full moonrise, Ozier has committed himself to work that is meticulous, assiduous, unique to each purpose and audience and usually contains moments of awe, surprise and discovery.

Given his skill at manipulating the emotions of others; it’s a good thing he uses his Powers for

The work of which he is most proud includes the 1992 Candle Light Vigil for the NAMES
Project AIDS Memorial Quilt at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC (audience: 250,000) and the landmark 1994 Opening and Closing Ceremonies for Gay Games IV at Yankee Stadium, as well as GGVII in Chicago in 2006 at Soldier and Wrigley Fields in which he established an “Olympic” record by introducing 11,000 athletes in a 47-minute Processional (ask him how he did THAT); in addition to the not-particularly-famous “Pirates of Shenzhen” production in Guangzhou, China in 2008.

He has twice built development campaign experiences for Stanford University; utilizing live
talent, film and effects to create a traveling immersive brand experience that raised over $1 billion in 1987-1990 and in 2001-2001. Similarly, he has build media and immersive experiences for a number of institutions, agencies and NGO’s. His messages and experiences stick; ain’t no question. Recently relocated to his adopted hometown of San Francisco, Ozier splits his time between work at the Apple Store near Union Square and driving livery for a group of boutique hotels.