06 June 2011

The Puzzle of Live Production

AT&T Dolphin Tales at the Georgia Aquarium
The Puzzle of Live Production
SATE '11 Orlando panel presentation

Assembling a cohesive group of creative storytellers for a live show or event can sometimes be a challenge. This presentation will put together on the stage every principal of the creative team for the spectrum of live performance formats to share storytelling techniques and methodologies; how the story is shepherded from concept through to stage, parade, stadium or lagoon. Learn from a panel of industry entertainment professionals how to make all the pieces fit together to make the final story remarkably resonant and memorable.

Bettina Buckley, WOW! Works - Moderator & Producer/Show Director
Greg Brown, Hardrive Productions - Costume Designer
Denise Case - Choreographer/Director
Bradley K. Malkus, Lightswitch - Lighting Designer

Bryan Hinckley, Electrosonic - Audio Video Designer
Dw Phineas Perkins - Technical Director
Ron Rodriguez - Casting Director
Claud Smith III - Director/Writer
Cindy White, Cindy White Art - Scenic Designer/Conceptual Illustrator
Tylor Wymer, WOW!Works - Special Effects
Jon Baker, Jon Baker Productions - Music Director/Composer

Holly McBride - Stage Manager