03 June 2011

Jonathan Katz, SATE '11 Orlando Speaker, "Interpretive Storytelling"

Jonathan Katz
CEO, Cinnabar Inc.
SATE '11 Orlando panel: Interpretive Storytelling: The Art of Weaving Facts into Fascination

Jonathan Katz is a Los Angeles-based producer, concept developer, fabricator and consultant serving museums, themed attractions and retail as well as film and television. He is known for a bold approach to content delivery, straightforward project management and for getting things done. His signature approach is one of integrated creative management - applying the tools and techniques of experiential entertainment, and the efficient business production models of the film and television industry, to the development of exhibits, multimedia and built environments that engage, entertain and educate modern audiences.

Jonathan founded Cinnabar in 1981. The company has always focused on the built environment - fabricators of physical stuff - however, the company sees itself primarily as a service company. The company's openness to new solutions drives innovation - resulting in new methodology in construction, and constant progress in organizing the work. Jonathan's business model is based on adaptive collaboration, with great emphasis on integration with all participants in a project. Forming alliances and sharing goals with both clients and fellow suppliers is the emerging competitive model. This productivity based approach never forgets that the essential third leg of the stool that makes things stand is the creative vision: the content, or, in its essence, the story.

Katz’s background includes a political career in the 1970s, working for then-California Gov. Jerry Brown to help implement key Brown initiatives such as the Office of Appropriate Technology and the California Conservation Corps, programs which addressed alternative technologies and resource conservation. The roots of his hands-on approach to project management go back to his high school days as a welder/mechanic, building floats for the Pasadena Rose Parade, and subsequently overseeing the entire process for a float design and construction company.

Cinnabar’s clients, in addition to the California Academy of Sciences, have included the California Science Center (Los Angeles), Discovery Communications Inc., The Natural History Museum of L.A. County, SeaWorld, The Grove, Virgin Sport, Universal Studios Hollywood, Motorola, Pepsi-Cola Company, Silvercup Studios, Hampton’s International Film Festival, University Restaurant Group, Taco Bell International and the Native American Stunt Association.