04 June 2011

Dennis Moore, SATE '11 Orlando Panelist, "Interpretive Storytelling"

Dennis Moore, Dennis Earl Moore Productions
SATE '11 Orlando speaker: "Interpretive Storytelling: The Art of Weaving Facts into Fascination"

Dennis Earl Moore graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design and Photography. He founded his first company, Cinema & Design, in 1966 and made his mark as a commercial director and technical innovator.

Increasingly fascinated with alternative format filmmaking, Mr. Moore entered into an early collaboration with Academy Award winner Francis Thompson, which resulted in American Years, an epic IMAX film commissioned for Philadelphia’s Bicentennial celebration.

Mr. Moore then produced and directed the landmark IMAX/Omnimax film Living Planet, circling the globe and weaving stunning imagery into a subtle environmental & social context. Following the film’s tremendous success, Mr. Moore decided to take advantage of his name recognition within the industry by formally incorporating the company under Dennis Earl Moore Productions, Inc.

Concentrating on scientific, educational and entertainment productions, DEMP produced and Mr. Moore directed such internationally acclaimed fare as the IMAX/Omnimax film Flyers, and the 35mm two-screen World Expo hit Reflections. To date, Mr. Moore’s films have been translated into 9 languages — experienced by more than 40 million people around the world.

Originally, large-format film was Mr. Moore’s medium of choice, but he is comfortable in any visual and technical medium. The clever software and video design for his 80-seat interactive theater at Biosphere 2 actually convinced audiences they had interacted with live scientists inside the biodome. His internationally recognized media environment installations for Nike Town Stores — including Videohenge, Aqua-Pool, Treadmill, Interactive Robo-Shoe and other award-winning innovations — went on to become the template for all Nike Stores, and for other vendors around the world.

Increasingly, Mr. Moore has been asked to apply his expertise and intuition in finding the right story-telling medium for each client — and he has come to believe that all technology and formats can be combined in thematically appropriate and aesthetically pleasing ways. To that end, Mr. Moore has perfected the skill of collaborating closely with clients, architects, exhibit designers, investors, contractors and artists to arrive at a unique solution for each project. Ideas and information are exchanged freely, in support of the overall vision.

The result has been a string of “one-of-a-kind” successes, like the 3-screen “Virtual Factory Tour” at the BMW Zentrum Visitor Center in Spartansburg, South Carolina...and the “Dive Theatre” at the Institute for Exploration’s Challenge of the Deep in Mystic, Connecticut, the Cloud Room installation at the Fantasy of Flight Museum in Florida... and the spectacular lobby time-portal and captivating walk-through highlighted by unique, immersive video installations at the award winning Gear Platte River Road Archway Monument and Discovering The Real George Washington at the Donald w. Reynolds Museum and Education Center, Mount Vernon exploring Washingtons life and achievements. In each, Mr. Moore uses film, multimedia and hi-tech as building blocks, to express his client’s message with completely new combinations of technology & technique.

As corporations, museums and entertainment companies seek to exploit a variety of integrated technologies, from large film formats to DVD and Websites, Mr. Moore finds his own design philosophy has evolved perfectly in step with his time: All tools & technologies are available; pick the right ones, integrate them seamlessly...and then push them to the edge.

In over 30 years of business & creative experience, Mr. Moore has learned to target the core idea of each project — and help mold its interpretation & expression throughout the entire process of concept, design, production, fabrication and installation. His guiding vision, dedication to quality, and ability to select and lead talented collaborators has, and will likely continue to result in well-recognized, award winning work.