04 June 2011

Ron Swidler, Sparko Productions - SATE '11 Orlando panelist

Ron Swidler, Sparko Productions

SATE '11 Orlando panelist: "Sensations: Exploring how Sensory Design in Hospitality is Enhancing the Experience of Space"
Ron is an idea guy, a connector and a synthesizer.

He grew up in the design business, mostly resorts and hotels and remains a partner at
Gettys, a world-leading hospitality design and development firm, for 20-plus years.

Entrusted and empowered with the Gettys brand, Ron grew the firm's client list and project portfolio throughout the US, Caribbean and into Asia.

Collaborative and an innovative thinker, Ron has shaped dozens of hotel, resort and brand initiatives over his two decades at Gettys.

It was Ron's passion for new approaches to new ideas which created the Hotel of Tomorrow
(H.O.T.) Project.

A noted industry speaker, Ron is frequently engaged to share the research and results of his work throughout the world.