03 June 2011

Philip Hocking

Philip Hocking 
Senior Design Manager / Project Architect, Falcon's Treehouse
SATE '11 Orlando session: Placemaking - The BàNà Hills French Village

Philip Hocking is a professional architect with a Degree in Project Management. He has over 15 years of experience in the delivery of entertainment and retail developments across Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan and the Middle East.

Philip's experience with both the design and project management for large scale entertainment and retail centers has given him a wealth of expertise to draw on when meeting the challenges unique to any entertainment destination. In addition, his work on themed destinations such as Luna Park in Australia to Sahara Kingdom in Dubai offers him a unique perspective on the complexities involved in theme park and attraction design. Philip’s combined experience makes him uniquely qualified to deal with the challenges of managing the development of a themed entertainment and retail experience in an urban center.

Philip was the Senior Project/Design Manager responsible for the master planning and concept design phases of the Sahara Kingdom theme park, located in Dubailand and the Iconic Buildings within the Jumeira Gardens development.

Since joining Falcon’s Treehouse, Philip has been integral to the development of several large scale entertainment developments and the securing of new opportunities all across the globe.

Projects include:

  BaNa Hills Resort – French Village
• Jumeira Gardens
• Sahara Kingdom
• Dubai Festival City
• Bakers Delight Retail Stores
• Luna Park
• New Quay Iconic Retail Development
• Harbour Town and Redbank Cinema Complex
• Southland Cinema/ Entertainment Complex
• Kangbyen Cinema Complex
• Hung Tai Entertainment/ Cinema Complex
• Jam Factory Entertainment/ Retail Complex