03 June 2011

Kevin R. Moore, AIA

Kevin R. Moore, AIA
Senior Vice President, Director of Architecture, Guy Butler Architect LLC
SATE '11 Orlando session:
Placemaking - The BàNà Hills French Village

The creation of a personal encounter through the use of technical knowledge: today’s definition of architecture transcends the artistic and historic, the rigid and established ideals of yesterday’s definition. Kevin Moore stands at this architectural frontier. Kevin combines years of theoretical design studies at Montana State University with over 15 years of tangible construction exprience to develop precise and coordinated documents. He provides clients with comprehensive 3‐dimensional models of their buildings and site. From preliminary design concepts showing poché and massing to finely tuned art direction with modeled decorative elements, today’s technology‐based architects hold the capacity to meet any design team’s needs at any phase of development.

On projects such as BàNà Hills French Village, Kevin translated the images of a medieval French village into comprehensive 3‐dimensional models. These models allow the architectural team to study infinite interior and exterior views, to coordinate structural systems, and to fashion detailed databases of construction and artistic elements. Today’s architectural technology expands the wealth of creativity born of an architect’s mind. Kevin Moore utilizes his extensive design talents equally with his practical building knowledge to stand as a progressive archtectural leader.

Projects include:

• BaNa Hills French Village ‐ BaNa, Vietnam

• Mokin Hills Golf Resort ‐ Ilara‐Mokin, Nigeria
• Abuja Marriott ‐ Abuja, Nigeria
• Belek Golf Resort ‐ Belek, Turkey
• Reunion Resort and Club ‐ Orlando, Florida
• Conservatory @ Hammock Beach ‐ Palm Coast, Florida
• Waldorf‐Astoria Golf Clubhouse, Bonnet Creek Resort ‐ Buena Vista, Florida
• Orlando Wyndham Resort – Orlando, Florida
• Wonder Works – Orlando, Florida