03 June 2011

Jon Georges

Director, Blue Sky Development
Walt Disney Imagineering 

SATE '11 Orlando panel: Disney's Magic Kingdom Fantasyland Expansion

A 25 year veteran of Walt Disney Imagineering, Jon Georges is currently in the role as Director, Senior Show Producer for new projects at the Walt Disney World Resort. Currently, the largest single project in the portfolio is New Fantasyland which is currently under construction in the Magic Kingdom. Encompassing over 12 acres, this is the largest expansion in the 40-year history of the Magic Kingdom and is scheduled to open in several phases beginning in late 2012 and continuing through early 2014.

In his previous roles at Imagineering, Jon was Director of Blue Sky Development where he managed a diverse team of designers who were responsible for developing new creative concepts for Disney theme park and resort projects. The ongoing Blue Sky Program is focused on the development of Targeted, Untargeted and Strategic initiatives with a commitment to creative and technical innovation.

Prior to his leadership in Blue Sky, Jon managed several departments within the Creative Division including the Concept/Show Designers, Show Writers, Design Administrators and Creative Support Staff. Jon was also responsible for launching Imagineering’s Culture and Community programs which are dedicated to improving the quality of life for Imagineers around the world through a variety of special events and programs.

Jon’s Imagineering career began in 1987 when he joined the Exhibit Development Program as an exhibit coordinator supporting the galleries in World Showcase at Epcot at Walt Disney World and The Disney Gallery at Disneyland.

The following year, he joined the design team for the Disney-MGM Studios as an associate show producer working on the Backstage Studio Tour. After the park opened in 1989, he stayed on as part of the expansion team and supported various projects that were being developed for Sunset Boulevard. Later, he transferred to the Tokyo Disneyland portfolio where he was show producer on MicroAdventure!, the Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall, Pooh’s Hunny Hunt and several park-wide master plans.

Before becoming an Imagineer, Jon was a member of the exhibit team at the California Museum of Science and Industry in Los Angeles. He has also been an event planner for the San Francisco Fair and Exhibition, and has held various special events and administrative positions at the University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA). Georges graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Design.