05 June 2011

Interpretive Storytelling: The Art of Weaving Facts into Fascination

Hall of Fragments, Rockwell Group
Interpretive Storytelling: The Art of Weaving Facts into Fascination
Session at TEA's SATE '11 Conference, Orlando Sept 22-23, 2011

In developing interpretive environments, museums and science centers often have to distill human and natural history into an experience that’s accessible and engaging.

Story is the form and frame that makes that possible. A well-crafted narrative sparks curiosity, offers visitors paths of exploration, and makes facts and phenomena come alive in ways that make their meaning clear and memorable. The challenge of creating such narratives can be daunting. How do you distill a tremendous volume of historical, cultural or scientific information into a compact and compelling experience? What kind of storytelling skills and instincts do you need to cultivate in order to meet this challenge? This panel will answer these questions and sharpen your ability to identify story opportunities and narrative devices that speak to your visitors’ imaginations and appetites for discovery.


Jonathan Katz, CEO Cinnabar, Inc.
Dennis Earl Moore, Dennis Earl Moore Productions 
Matthew Goodrich, senior associate, Rockwell Group

Panel producer: Larry Tuch