03 June 2011

David M Edmonds Jr.

David M Edmonds Jr. 
Creative Manager, Falcon's Treehouse
SATE '11 Orlando panel: Placemaking - The BàNà Hills French Village

With degrees in Architectural Engineering and Project Management plus multiple years working in theme park operations, David brings a unique perspective to Falcon’s Treehouse’s attraction design and masterplanning.

His experience and drive, combined with his talent for writing and his knowledge of the themed entertainment industry have made him a key component of the Falcon’s Treehouse team. From technical design to creative brainstorming, marketing and on‐site capabilities, David’s roles within Falcon’s Treehouse are wide and varied, but all serve one ultimate purpose: the betterment of the product.

David’s passion for the industry compels him to both learn about the latest and greatest trends and to experience them first hand. His knowledge and enthusiasm, combined with the quality of his work, have allowed David to make an impact on Falcon’s Treehouse, from marketing to design, and everything in between.

Projects include:

• 8th Portal Theme Park Masterplan

• BàNà Hills Resort French Village Masterplan
• Seoul Enchanted Forest Masterplan
• 2010 Shanghai World Expo – China Aviation Pavilion Inspiration of Flight Attraction
• OCT’s Happy Valley Shanghai – Storm Chaser Attraction
• Melco City of Dreams – The Bubble Show
• Melco City of Dreams – The Virtual Aquarium
• Lotte World – Enchanted Kingdom
• Mizin – Winds of the Desert Masterplan