06 June 2011

SATE '11 Orlando Schedule & basic info

"The Power of Story"
22-23 September 2011
SeaWorld Orlando, Florida USA 


SATE is an intimate, intensive conference focusing on the essentials of Experience Design:  
S torytelling + A rchitecture + T echnology = Experience
    Organizer: Themed Entertainment Association. Conference Chair, Kile Ozier, Itinerant Creative Executive; Co-chair: Larry Tuch of Narrative Concepts

      Click here for photo gallery of panelists & participants 
      Note: schedule subject to change without notice
      Wednesday, 21 September 2011
      6:00-9:00 pm or later - 
      Join the SATE delegates and other TEA members at the host hotel. 
      Casual. Cash Bar; No RSVP needed

      Thursday, 22 September 2011
      SeaWorld - Ports of Call
      8:00 am - Networking & Welcome Breakfast
      9:00 am - Welcome & Introductions from the Conference Chairs & TEA leadership
      9:30 am - The Architecture of Engagement
      10:30 am - Break
      10:45 am - Going Beyond the Brand: Turning a Name into a Family Experience
      11:45 am - Challenge from the Chair - Evolving the SATE Brand 
      12:00 pm - Lunch
      1:30 pm - Interpretive Storytelling: The Art of Weaving Facts into Fascination
      2:45 pm - The Use of Technology to Create a Compelling, Personalized Experience in a Group Environment
      3:40 pm - Break
      4:00 - Student Challenge Presentation & introduction of the winner, Marissa Garner
      4:30 pm - Universal Creative: From Autobots to Decepticons, Minions and the 8th Wonder of the World
      6:00 pm - Adjourn for evening event: VIP tour & private reception at Discovery Cove w/design & production team. 

      Friday, 23 September 2011
      SeaWorld - Ports of Call
      8:00 am - Breakfast
      8:30 am - Re-Welcome & Recap from SATE Chairs Kile Ozier & Larry Tuch
      8:35 am - TEA President Rick Rothschild & the presentation of the 20th Anniversary Year of TEA 
      9:00 am - Story and the Art of Theatre: Broadway and Off, Regional and Back, Behind the World's Iconic Berms. How is Story Respected, Protected, Projected?
      10:15 am - The Puzzle of Live Production
      11:45 am - Break
      12:00 noon - Digital Dome Stories 
      1:15 pm - Lunch
      2:30 pm - Modern Medieval: The Story of BàNà Hills French Village
      3:30 pm - Disney's Magic Kingdom Fantasyland Expansion
      5:00 pm - Sensations: Exploring how Sensory Design in Hospitality is Enhancing the Experience of Space 
      6:00 pm - Adjournment 

      Partial list of people who helped realize SATE '11 Orlando…

      • Programming: Kile Ozier (chair), Larry Tuch (co-chair)
      • Sponsorship: Gene Jeffers (TEA executive director)
      • Event coordination: Kathy Oliver (TEA events manager)
      • Student design challenge: Peter Schaab 
      • Wrangling speaker bios: David Aion
      • Logo design: Judy Leise
      • Communications: Judith Rubin, Gene Jeffers
      • Leadership: TEA president Rick Rothschild & the TEA Board members & divisions
      • Countless other tasks for which we are grateful: TEA's valued volunteers & committees
      SATE social media: TEA on LinkedIn, TEA on Facebook, @TEA_SATE on Twitter