05 June 2011

The Architecture of Engagement

Aquatica at SeaWorld Orlando
The Architecture of Engagement
Session at TEA's SATE '11 conference Sept 22-23 in Orlando

The design of spaces can affect our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. How a guest enters, passes through and experiences a space, is influenced by that space’s design, aesthetics and general affect on one’s senses. The height of ceilings, the view from windows, the shape of furniture, the type and intensity of lighting, and the relationship of the building to the outdoor environment, support the space’s embedded theme and narrative. They also contribute to the immersive quality of the experience the space was created to enable. This panel, composed of architects, exhibit designers and interior designers, will discuss how a story is presented in terms of specific visual cues, sensory and environmental effects, spatial relationships, and the visitor’s movement through space.


Roberta Perry, Edwards Technologies Inc.
Fran Boettcher AIA, LEED AP, Atkins Leisure Design
Al Cross, PGAV Destinations

Jonathan F Douglas AIA Managing Principal / Managing Director UAE, VOA Associates Incorporated 
Joe Parinella, director of landscape architecture, Walt Disney Imagineering

Panel Producer: Larry Tuch