03 October 2011

Themed Entertainment Association to host SATE 2012 in Europe

Thank you for visiting this site to learn about the Themed Entertainment Association's SATE conference.

In 2011, TEA held SATE conferences in both Europe and the US, and both were very successful.

Going forward, there will be one annual SATE conference, alternating between Europe and the US. SATE 2012 will take place in Europe in September - exact location and dates TBD.

Please visit and bookmark the official SATE 2012 site for further information.

06 June 2011

SATE '11 Orlando Schedule & basic info

"The Power of Story"
22-23 September 2011
SeaWorld Orlando, Florida USA 


SATE is an intimate, intensive conference focusing on the essentials of Experience Design:  
S torytelling + A rchitecture + T echnology = Experience
    Organizer: Themed Entertainment Association. Conference Chair, Kile Ozier, Itinerant Creative Executive; Co-chair: Larry Tuch of Narrative Concepts

      Click here for photo gallery of panelists & participants 
      Note: schedule subject to change without notice
      Wednesday, 21 September 2011
      6:00-9:00 pm or later - 
      Join the SATE delegates and other TEA members at the host hotel. 
      Casual. Cash Bar; No RSVP needed

      Thursday, 22 September 2011
      SeaWorld - Ports of Call
      8:00 am - Networking & Welcome Breakfast
      9:00 am - Welcome & Introductions from the Conference Chairs & TEA leadership
      9:30 am - The Architecture of Engagement
      10:30 am - Break
      10:45 am - Going Beyond the Brand: Turning a Name into a Family Experience
      11:45 am - Challenge from the Chair - Evolving the SATE Brand 
      12:00 pm - Lunch
      1:30 pm - Interpretive Storytelling: The Art of Weaving Facts into Fascination
      2:45 pm - The Use of Technology to Create a Compelling, Personalized Experience in a Group Environment
      3:40 pm - Break
      4:00 - Student Challenge Presentation & introduction of the winner, Marissa Garner
      4:30 pm - Universal Creative: From Autobots to Decepticons, Minions and the 8th Wonder of the World
      6:00 pm - Adjourn for evening event: VIP tour & private reception at Discovery Cove w/design & production team. 

      Friday, 23 September 2011
      SeaWorld - Ports of Call
      8:00 am - Breakfast
      8:30 am - Re-Welcome & Recap from SATE Chairs Kile Ozier & Larry Tuch
      8:35 am - TEA President Rick Rothschild & the presentation of the 20th Anniversary Year of TEA 
      9:00 am - Story and the Art of Theatre: Broadway and Off, Regional and Back, Behind the World's Iconic Berms. How is Story Respected, Protected, Projected?
      10:15 am - The Puzzle of Live Production
      11:45 am - Break
      12:00 noon - Digital Dome Stories 
      1:15 pm - Lunch
      2:30 pm - Modern Medieval: The Story of BàNà Hills French Village
      3:30 pm - Disney's Magic Kingdom Fantasyland Expansion
      5:00 pm - Sensations: Exploring how Sensory Design in Hospitality is Enhancing the Experience of Space 
      6:00 pm - Adjournment 

      Partial list of people who helped realize SATE '11 Orlando…

      • Programming: Kile Ozier (chair), Larry Tuch (co-chair)
      • Sponsorship: Gene Jeffers (TEA executive director)
      • Event coordination: Kathy Oliver (TEA events manager)
      • Student design challenge: Peter Schaab 
      • Wrangling speaker bios: David Aion
      • Logo design: Judy Leise
      • Communications: Judith Rubin, Gene Jeffers
      • Leadership: TEA president Rick Rothschild & the TEA Board members & divisions
      • Countless other tasks for which we are grateful: TEA's valued volunteers & committees
      SATE social media: TEA on LinkedIn, TEA on Facebook, @TEA_SATE on Twitter